SierraTherm Production Furnaces, Inc.

SierraTherm equipment is famous for quality, and we continue this tradition within the SCHMID Group. So SierraTherm Production Furnaces, Inc. is now SCHMID Thermal Systems, Inc. The same excellent team of engineering, customer service, and manufacturing experts in Watsonville, California, produces quality furnaces for the worldwide photovoltaic, semiconductor and microelectronics industries.

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Fast Response Conveyor Furnace
1500 Series
Controlled Atmosphere Conveyor Furnace
2500 Series
Solder Reflow and Packaging Furnace
3500 Series
Curing and Drying Oven
4500 Series
APCVD System
5500 Series
Infrared Lamp Furnace
7500 Series
Horizontal Tube Furnace
Elevator Batch Oven
8500 Series